Do men need skincare too? 

The male grooming market is already a billion dollar market that is only set to grow in the next decade.  The younger generation of men are starting to take an interest in their skin,  my 14 year old step son has already asked me to buy him some moisturiser!  

The answer is yes, they do.    Apart from the obvious physical appearance of facial hair, their skin is different due to the higher amount of androgen hormones.  What does this mean for their skin?  Well, it means that their skin is 25% thicker, they have a higher density of collagen and they have a higher production of sebum, which means that their skin ages very differently to a woman’s skin.  Men are able to hold onto their collagen reserves for longer, as their hormones will start to decline later and at a much slower rate.  In other words, their skin isn’t affected by the menopause in the same way as a female skin.  It is said that a woman’s skin will be genetically 15 years older than a man’s of the same age.  Damn those men!!  

Men’s skin still needs hydration, vitamins, antioxidants and omega’s but without the flowery fragrances.  Men are less likely to use a cream or milk cleanser – for a start the cotton pads would get stuck in their facial hair and secondly it’s too time consuming.  If you are stocking products for men, think about products that they can use in the shower, or can be combined as part of their daily shaving routine, products that are quick, easy and less time consuming to use are beneficial for men.  But most of all think about products that have built in SPF.  Yes, yes, we all know how important SPF is, but most men are not very good at using it and if it’s an additional product that they have to put on after their moisturiser, then they are less likely to do so.  Ideally you want them to use about and SPF30 and men don’t like anything that is too heavy or greasy on their skin.  

If you are thinking about adding or designing treatments specifically for men then think about the wording that you use and how you name your treatments.  Also think about the products that you are going to use, remember men are not too keen on very perfumed, floral scents, so things that smell musky, spicy or fresh are usually more popular.  Most brands will offer a male product range of some sort,  it’s best to talk to your supplier to see how they can help you.

Instead of calling a facial a facial rename it to something that sounds MANLY, and include a brief description – most men are not necessarily interested in each step of the treatment they want to know what the end results are and if it will make a difference, in other words will they look better and more handsome!   If any of the brands you stock don’t have a treatment specifically designed for men, then make one up.  Be the first to offer a bespoke men’s facial or manicure or waxing treatment or whatever you fancy.  And don’t be afraid to recommend products and treatment courses to your male clients.  Men want to look good too and they will listen to any recommendations that you make to help them achieve their desired look and preserve their youthful appearance.  

Whilst some men are okay stepping into a predominantly female salon, the majority of men feel intimidated by this and won’t want to be seen going into or coming out of a salon.  You could organise a ‘Men only’ event or day or offer treatment vouchers specifically for men.  While we are all thinking about reopening our salons now is a good time to rethink your treatments and treatment menu to attract the male client through your doors.  I believe that salons are missing out on a growing corner of the market and could use this opportunity to tap into this niche. With that in mind, if you are thinking about attracting the male clientel into your salon, you may want to think about the decor, and go for more neutral colours and simple textures instead. 

With Fathers day just around the corner, it’s an ideal time to start generating some interest in your products and treatments ready for when you do re-open and be part of the growing billion dollar male grooming market, and if you do it right you will have very loyal customers for life.


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