BeautyFit Training Terms and Conditions:

  1. A 50% NON REFUNDABLE deposit is necessary at the time of booking to secure your training, this is to ensure that any costs that have been incurred in preparation to the training are covered.
  2. The balance / full amount should be paid up to 2 days before the date of training commences.

Cancellations or changing the date of your training:

  1. If you chose to cancel your training less than 24hrs prior to training you will not be refunded.
  2. All cancellations MUST be written and sent to prior to the scheduled training date.
  3. If you have paid the full amount for your training at the time of booking or before the balance is due and you then choose to cancel your training, you will be refunded 50% of the amount paid.
  4. If you chose to change the date of your training please email and request your new date(s). New dates can not be guaranteed.
  5. Should a new date be agreed by yourself and BeautyFit Training, a confirmation email will be sent and your balance transferred to the new date.
  6. If BeautyFit Training cancel or change the date of your training due to illness or unforeseen circumstances, you will be informed as soon as possible. Providing you agree with the new date(s) proposed for your training your balance will be transferred to the new date.  If a date can not be agreed then you will be refunded the balance only.
  7. If BeautyFit Training cancel or change the dates of your training less than 24hr before the training date, you will be informed and receive the balance of the payment only.
  8. BeautyFit Training will keep you informed in any changes to training dates, products and/or equipment needed that you may need for training purposes.